Site Rules


  • Check-in time: RV Sites 1:00pm, Villas 2:00pm
  • Check-out time: 11:00am or before
  • *Early check-in and Late check-out are available based on availability of your site. Please inquire in the office.

Everglades Isle is an adults only Luxury Motorcoach Retreat and Marina located in Everglades City, FL. The resort offers rental and ownership options for RV sites, Villas, and boat wet slips.


  1. All owners, guests, visitors, and renters (collectively or individually “Resort Guests”) are responsible for abiding by these Everglades Isle Rules and Regulations, the Everglades Isle Marina Rules and Regulations, and the Lighthouse Club Rules and Regulations (collectively or individually “Rules and Regulations.”)
  2. Resort Guests are responsible for abiding by directions from Everglades Isle management and staff.
  3. Common courtesy is expected between all persons at Everglades Isle.
  4. Please respect the privacy of other guests by not walking through other Motor Coach or Villa Lots.
  5. Certain procedures are different for rental guests. If you are a rental guest, please see your rental agreement and the Everglades Isle Rental Terms and Conditions in addition to these Rules and Regulations.


  1. All motor coaches must be registered with and approved by the Master Association. Registration is done at check-in with the front desk.
  2. All motor coaches must be Class A or Super C, twelve years old or newer, and at least 36 feet in length.
  3. All motor coaches must be presentable in looks and in good repair. All utility hook ups must be sealed and in proper working order.
  4. All motor coaches must be registered and insured.
  5. All motor coaches must be positioned on the Motor Coach Lot’s concrete pad.
  6. Buses, fifth wheels, house trailers, commercial vehicles, conversion vans, mini-motor homes, mobile homes, tents, truck campers, foldout campers or any other vehicle not equipped for full utility hookup are not permitted.
  7. Trailers are only allowed in the designated Storage Lot after approval by Everglades Isle management.


  1. Owners and their guests must check-in upon their initial arrival at Everglades Isle. Owners may check in telephonically, up to 48 hours in advance, by calling the front desk during business hours. Everglades Isle staff will make every reasonable effort to greet you on arrival in order to assist with parking, utility hook-up, and any required guest registration.
  2. Check in procedure for rental guests and tenants is pursuant to the Everglades Isle Rental Terms and Conditions.
  3. Gate entry transmitters are available at check-in and must be returned to the front desk before departure. A fee will be assessed and charged to your credit card for any lost or non-returned gate entry transmitter. Owners will be provided two transmitters free of charge. Please contact the front desk for more information.


  1. Only one motor coach is permitted per Motor Coach Lot.
  2. Motor Coach Lot parking is limited to one motor coach and one passenger motor vehicle. Parking is permitted on the concrete pad of each Motor Coach Lot only.
  3. Villa Lot parking is limited to one passenger motor vehicle. Parking is permitted on the concrete of each Villa Lot only.
  4. All vehicles must park in designated spaces only. Parking on grass or in unauthorized areas is not permitted.
  5. No parking in any empty Motor Coach or Villa Lot is permitted unless you are the Owner of that lot.
  6. Storage Lot parking is available, space permitting.
  7. Each Motor Coach Lot and each Villa Lot may store one item in the Storage Lot, space permitting.
  8. In order to park in the Storage Lot, you must obtain a parking pass from the front office.
  9. Passenger vehicles may be parked in the storage lot for a fee. Please contact the front desk for more information.
  10. Utility trailers are not permitted in the Resort, but may be stored in the Storage Lot, space permitting.
  11. Storage Lot spaces for trailers and other items are available for a fee. Please contact the front desk for more information.
  12. Parking and storage at the Storage Lot is subject to Everglades Isle management approval.
  13. Everglades Isle does not guarantee Storage Lot parking will be available.
  14. Everglades Isle shall not be liable for damage or destruction of any property left in the Storage Lot.


  1. Everglades Isle quiet hours are from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.
  2. The speed limit throughout the park is 10 mph.
  3. Children under the age of 18 must always be under parent or guardian supervision. Under no circumstances are children to be in any common area, the Lighthouse Club, Clubhouse Property, pool, Marina, or docks, without direct adult supervision. Owners and Everglades Isles guests are responsible for the conduct, behavior and control of their children and visiting guests.
  4. Daily, monthly, and seasonal golf cart and watercraft rentals are available at the front office. Golf cart and watercraft rentals are subject to Rental Agreements and additional Rental Terms and Conditions.
  5. Golf cart and/or watercraft users are required to have a valid driver’s license and only authorized users are permitted to operate golf carts and/or watercraft. Minors are strictly prohibited from operating golf carts and/or motorized watercraft.
  6. Personal alcohol may not be consumed and must be properly stored while in the Lighthouse Club, Clubhouse Property, pool, or Everglades Isle Marina or docks.


  1. Parking rules are strictly enforced in and around the Resort.
  2. A maximum of four persons are permitted overnight per Motor Coach Lot. Additional guests may be permitted, with advance Everglades Isle management approval, at an additional charge.
  3. A maximum of four persons are permitted overnight per Villa Lot. Additional guests may be permitted, with advance Everglades Isle management approval, at an additional charge.
  4. No storage on site. No portion of any Motor Coach Lot or Villa Lot shall be used for the storage of any property or thing that will cause it to appear to be in an unclean or untidy condition or that will be obnoxious to the eye.
  5. Only customary patio/lawn furniture and accessories may be left outside.
  6. Clotheslines are prohibited.
  7. No sign or advertisement of any kind shall be erected or displayed without advance approval of the Architectural Review Committee
  8. No flags or advertisements are permitted to be displayed, except for portable removable American flags displayed in a respectful manner.
  9. No tents, screen rooms, or pop-up campers allowed.
  10. No basketball hoops, exercise equipment, or swings are permitted.
  11. Antennas and Satellite dishes are subject to size restrictions and require advance approval by the Architectural Review Committee.
  12. It shall be the responsibility of each Owner to prevent the development of any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly, or unkempt condition of his or her motor coach, Motor Coach Lot, and or Villa Lot.
  13. Motor Coach Lot and Villa Lot Owners are responsible for maintenance (including landscape maintenance) on a year-round basis.
  14. Construction of walls and fences is not permitted.
  15. No pools or hot tubs shall be constructed or erected on any Motor Coach Lot or Villa Lot.
  16. On site fuel storage is not permitted except that fuel may be stored for emergency purposes and for operation of gas-powered tools and equipment in such amounts as permitted by the local fire marshal.


  1. No guest or owner shall make use of any common area in such a manner as to abridge the equal rights of other owners and guests.
  2. The testing, repairing, or tuning of vehicles is not allowed in the Resort.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in the Villas. A $250 fine will be assessed for violation of this rule.
  4. Wood fires are not permitted in the Resort.
  5. No trees or vegetation shall be removed unless approved by the Architectural Review Committee.
  6. Skateboards, hoverboards, rollerblades, and roller skates may not be used on the premises.
  7. All of the buildings are smoke-free zones. Please properly dispose of cigarettes in designated receptacles located in the pool area and on the veranda.
  8. Motor Coach and Villa Lots shall only be used for single family occupancy. Commercial activities are prohibited.
  9. All wetlands and wildlife within Everglades Isle shall be left in their natural state, and no other use shall be permitted except for fishing from the docks.
  10. No Motor Coach Lot may be leased or sublet except for through the Everglades Isle Rental Pool. For more details, please contact Everglades Isle management.
  11. The Architectural Review Committee must approve all construction modifications to Motor Coach Lots including any improvements or modifications to existing improvements. For more details, please contact Everglades Isle Management.
  12. Resort Guests who create a disturbance or behave in a manner that constitutes a threat or substantial nuisance to other Resort Guests will not be allowed to remain on the property. The following are cause for immediate eviction and, when appropriate, may be referred to law enforcement for prosecution: a. Possession, use, or display of firearms, lethal weapons, or fireworks. b. Criminal behavior, rowdy behavior, profanity, or drug use. c. Profane, abusive, or threatening language directed at staff or other guests. d. Any action(s) that interfere with the operation of the Resort. e. Depending on the severity of the violation, guests exceeding the Resort’s 10mph speed limit. f. Willful damage or defacing of Resort property.


  1. Owners of Motor Coach Lots and Villa Lots may have day and overnight guests.
  2. All guests must check-in at the office during office hours.
  3. Guests are subject to the Everglades Isle Rules and Regulations.
  4. Guests must obtain parking passes from the front office if they wish to park anywhere on the resort premises.
  5. Owners are liable for the actions of their guests and for any damages caused by their guests.
  6. Day guests are limited to 4 per day.
  7. Overnight guests are subject to lot occupancy restrictions, please see Site Rules.
  8. All guests must be accompanied by the Lot Owner in order to use common areas, Lighthouse Club, Clubhouse Property, or to moor or dock a boat at the Everglades Isle Marina or docks, without the prior written approval of Everglades Isle management.
  9. Guests must have a guest tag visibly displayed in their vehicle and park in the front parking lot.
  10. Guest passes may not be available during the high season and holidays.


  1. An unaccompanied guest is any guest occupying a Motor Coach Lot without the Owner being present while the guest is on the Everglades Isle property.
  2. Occupancy by Unaccompanied Guest(s) shall be limited to ten (10) days in any calendar year without the Board’s prior written approval, which may be denied in the Board’s sole discretion.
  3. No Unaccompanied Guest shall be permitted to use the common areas, Lighthouse Club, Clubhouse Property, or to moor or dock a boat at the Everglades Isle Marina or docks without the prior written approval of the Board or its designated agent.
  4. Unaccompanied Guests will be charged guest fees for use of Motor Coach Lots including but not limited to utility fees, RV hook-up fees, and parking fees, as established from time to time by Everglades Isle management.
  5. Unaccompanied guests must be approved in advance by Everglades Isle management. Please contact Everglades Isle management for more information.


  1. Check-in with the front office to schedule available utility connections.
  2. Water, Sewer, Internet, and TV are offered as amenities at the Resort. Each Motor Coach Lot is separately metered for electrical. Fee schedules are available at the Front Desk for amenities that are not included as part of your stay. Everglades Isle does not guarantee or reserve to any Resort Guest any utility capacity, service, or facilities that may be needed.
  3. All sewer hoses must have a watertight sewer donut. Please ensure that all of your hookups are sealed and in proper working order.


  1. Sign up for trash pick-up by checking in with the front office.
  2. Trash pick-up is daily at 11:00 am. Trash is to be bagged and placed at the curb of your site before 11:00 am or it will not be picked up.
  3. There is a self-service dumpster located at the south end of the Resort.
  4. Large items that do not fit in a 20-gallon trash receptacle are to be disposed of elsewhere outside of the Resort.
  5. Hazardous waste items are prohibited and are not to be disposed of anywhere in Everglades Isle.


  1. The pool is open from dawn until dusk daily.
  2. No Lifeguard is on duty. Swimming is at your own risk.
  3. No diving or running around the pool.
  4. Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool. Cut-off shorts are not considered appropriate swimming attire. Children that are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers.
  5. Under no circumstances are children to be in the pool area without direct adult supervision.
  6. All persons must use on-site showers prior to entering the pool.
  7. No glass bottles, containers, or other glass objects are permitted in the pool area.
  8. No outside alcohol is permitted in the pool area.


  1. Everglades Isle allows a reasonable number of domestic dogs, cats, and other usual and non-exotic household pets. However, pets shall not be permitted in the Villas or in other resort buildings.
  2. Aggressive breeds are not allowed in the Resort. All pets are subject to approval by management.
  3. A maximum of two pets is allowed per site, unless approved by management in advance.
  4. Pet owners must register their pets and are required to sign a Pet Agreement at the time of check-in.
  5. A fenced-in dog-run is located at the north end of the resort next to the parking area. Please respect other guests and their pets.
  6. Pets must be on a handheld leash no longer than 6 feet when outside of the motor coach.
  7. Pets may not be left unattended anywhere in the resort.
  8. Excessive barking or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. If the individual responsible for the pet does not adequately address or cure the problem, they will be asked to leave the resort immediately.
  9. Pet waste must be immediately and properly disposed of in a sealed plastic bag. There will be a $20.00 fee assessed to anyone who does not clean up after their pet.
  10. Pets, except for licensed service/seeing-eye dogs, are not allowed in the Clubhouse or the pool deck. All licensed service/seeing-eye dog documentation must be presented upon check-in.
  11. Pets outside of your motor coach are only allowed in designated areas unless traveling to a designated area or your boat. Pets are not allowed in the common area, Lighthouse Club, Clubhouse Property, docks, or Marina.


  1. Everglades Isle is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep your valuables secured at all times.
  2. Resort guests are financially responsible for any damage to Resort property, intentional or accidental. Willful damage or defacing of Resort property will be cause for immediate eviction and/or prosecution.
  3. Guests use the Resort facilities and amenities at their own risk. The Resort is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather or catastrophic events. Resort Guests are responsible for insuring their own property and motor coach.
  4. Everglades Isle is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to either person or property. The owner, management, and developer of Everglades Isle absolve themselves from all liability and responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, weather, acts of God, property damage, accident or any other cause whatsoever.
  5. Resort Guests shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Everglades Isle; Everglades Isle Master Association, Inc.; Everglades Isle Motor Coach Retreat Property Association, Inc.; The Villas at Everglades Isle Association, Inc.; Everglades Isle Marina Boat Slip Association, Inc.; Our 2nd Half, LLC; Barron River Marker #55 LLC, and Barron River Adventures LLC (together “Indemnified Parties” or separately “Indemnified Party”) and their agents and employees from any and all claims and damages (including reasonable attorney fees and costs) arising from Resort Guests’ use of the Motor Coach Lot and/or Everglades Isle and/or from any activity in or about the Motor Coach Lot and/or Everglades Isle. Resort Guests understand that this obligation to indemnify and hold harmless includes any claims based on negligence, acts, or omissions of Resort Guests. In case any action or proceeding shall be brought against an Indemnified Party as a result in whole or part of any claim or damage for which a Resort Guest is required to indemnify or hold Indemnified Party harmless under this section, the Indemnified Party may (i) defend itself, himself, or herself, as the case may be, at Resort Guest’s expense, or (ii) Resort Guest, on notice from Indemnified Party, shall defend it at Resort Guest’s expense by counsel approved in writing by Indemnified Party.